2006 ROBINSON Raven II w/AC - Listing # 1222J

St. Augustine, FL

AFTT: 1142,


Exterior Base: Sand Metallic. Trim: Black. (Note: N-Numbers are Taped On). Interior: Tan Leather. Air Conditioning. Fire Extinguisher w/Pocket. Vertical Card Compass. 4 Bubble Windows. Artificial Horizon with Slip/Skid Indicator. Digital Clock. King KY196A Com. King KT76 Transponder. Aftermarket Mounted Garmin 696 GPS. ELT. Bose wiring in front seats (headsets not included). Factory Ground Handling Wheels. Note: tow cart shown in photos not included in sale. FUEL BLADDERS INSTALLED NEW "-7" MRBs INSTALLED IN APRIL, 2015 @ 909 HOURS TT NEW TRBs INSTALLED IN JANUARY, 2017 @ 965 HOURS TT *Approximate Hours as of April 12, 2019. Last Annual/100 Hour Inspection performed: April, 2019. All applicable ADs and SBs current through March, 2019, except: RHC SB-59 (C046-18 Frame Tube Clamp), RHC SB-82 (Rotor Brake Switch), RHC SB-92A (Tail Rotor Drive Shaft Damper Bearing), and RHC SB-95 (Main Gearbox Upgrades). 12 Year Inspection has not been performed.

Seller Name: Old City Helicopter Sales, LLC
Seller Phone: 9043420630

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