1962 CESSNA 210B

Placerville, CALIFORNIA

AFTT: 4336, SMOH: 1145,


Engine Time: 1145 Hours SMOH on IO-470 (260 HP) 1500 Hour TBO. Based in Northern California. Complete logs. No damage history. No hail. These planes can have unreliable gear but that is because they have the old gear hydraulic pack in them. This plane after 57 years has had a fresh, modern hydraulic gear pack installed and will now work properly for years to come. At 260 HP and fuel injected there is 25 more HP than a 182 RG and it is fuel injected. Retractable and four seats make a fast and economical cross country aircraft at half the price of a 182 or a 182RG. Avionics: PS Engineering PMA 7000M-S Audio Panel with 3LMB. Apollo GX 55 GPS with Moving Map. King KX 155 760 Channel digital flip/flop Nav/Com. King KI 209 Glide Slope Indicator. King KX 155 760 Channel digital flip/flop Nav/Com. King KI 208 VOR/Localizer Indicator. King KN 64 Digital DME. Cessna Nav-o-matic Autopilot.

Seller Name: Mark Pilkington
Seller Phone: 5306422806

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