2003 ROBINSON R44 Raven I (OH'd 2015) - Listing # 255D

St. Augustine, FL

AFTT: 5621, SMOH: 1221,


For Lease. $250/Hr ($225 w/o floats). Exterior Base: Yellow. Exterior Trim: None. (Note: N-Numbers are Painted). Interior: Gray Leather. Fire Extinguisher. Vertical Card Compass. Directional Gyro. Artificial Horizon with Slip/Skid Indicator. PS Engineering PMA6000B-2 Audio Controller. ELT. LED Landing Lights. King KY197A Com. Garmin GTX 335 Transponder w/ADS-B Out. Garmin 430 GPS/Com. Ground Handling Wheels. *POP OUT FLOATS CAN BE REMOVED PRIOR TO DELIVERY OVERHAULED IN 2015 AT 4400 HRS FUEL BLADDERS INSTALLED **Approximate Hours as of December 1, 2019 (5621 TTSN). NOTE: This helicopter is available for lease within the continental US.

Seller Name: Old City Helicopter Sales, LLC
Seller Phone: 9043420630

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