1976 CESSNA 182

Temple, Texas

AFTT: 3485, SMOH: 75,


Have you ever thought to yourself, "I wish I could land in the same space as a helicopter?" If you said yes, (and even if you said no) this plane is just what you've been looking for; or maybe it's been looking for you! This is a 1976 Cessna 182 P with several STC modifications from Todd Peterson called the 260 SE, affectionately known as the Katmai. Not only does the plane have canards, but this bird is also packing an extra 30 horsepower! Yes, friends, this plane has a Continental IO-470-F rated at 260hp! It will absolutely put a smile on your face every time you advance the throttle for takeoff. Speaking of takeoffs: they never take very long. 400ft takeoff rolls are a standard practice. You can get in and out anywhere with a decent clearing with ...confidence. Upgrades: -8.50 Goodyear Main Tires -7.00 Goodyear Nose Tire -Airglas Heavy Duty Nose Fork -Vortex Generators -IO-470-F (260hp) -Canards -JPI EDM 900 -Extended Baggage -New Seats

Seller Name: Trevor Smith
Seller Phone: 2545980026

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