1979 CESSNA 175 with O-470

Placerville, CA

AFTT: 3492, SMOH: 732,


Airframe Time: 3492 Hours Total Time
Engine Time: 732 Hours SMOH on O-470R 230 HP Continental. 1500 Hour TBO.
Prop Time: 732 SPOH, on McCauley two blade.
Useful Load: 782 lbs
Annual Due: January 2022

Michaels TKM MX 11 Digital flip/flop Com
Narco Nav 122 VOR/Localizer indicator
Narco AT 50A Transponder
PS Engineering PM 1000 four place intercom
CHT gauge
EGT gauge
Outside air temp gauge
Map light
Starter button
Oil temp gauge

230 HP 0-470R Engine conversion (Just like a 182) 1500 TBO
Constant speed variable pitch prop (Just like a 182)
40 degree manual flaps
50 gallons fuel capacity (metal tanks, not bladders, not wet wing)
Small raised gas caps
Heavy duty gear, 700 nose wheel and 800 main tires
Polished spinner
Hat shelf over baggage area
Rotating beacon
Alternator conversion
Brackett Air filter

Retro red velor seats and side panels. Black carpet and cream headliner. All in good condition but a bit dated. Rated 7 out of 10.

Overall bright white with classic traditional retro major accent in red. Rated 8 out of 10.

Last 30 years at least based in the Arizona, California, Nevada SW corner near Laughlin/Bullhead City at a private fly-in retirement community and kept in a hangar. Very dry corrosion free airframe. Great performer in those SW hot/high density altitudes.
This plane is like a 182 now because of the 470 engine upgrade. Same size, same engine, same wings, same performance, same speed, same fuel burn. The differences are that these 175's have a fixed tailplane and a trim tab and not the jackscrew trim of the straight tail 182's. Therefore NO Tailplane AD on this plane. Also, no bladders because the tanks are removable metal tanks, 26 gallons a side. This is 3 gallons less than a 1959 182.
This plane was damaged in a landing accident in 2001 or thereabouts and was repaired by Beegles in Greeley Colorado. They come out of there better than new. Complete logs, no hail.

Seller Name: Mark Pilkington
Seller Phone: 5306422806 Report Listing: [email protected]

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