1965 CESSNA 210E Centurion

Placerville, CA

AFTT: 4130, SMOH: 290,


Airframe Time: 4130 Hours TT
Engine Time: 290 SMOH, Continental IO-520A 285 HP, Eagle engines (2006)
Prop Time: 605 SPOH on Two blade McCauley C73 (2000)
Annual Due: May 2022
Useful Load: 1082 Lbs

King KA 134 Audio Panel
King KX 155 digital flip/flop 760 channel nav/com
King KI 209 Glide Slope/VOR/Localizer indicator
King KX 155 digital flip/flop 760 channel nav/com
King KI 208 VOR/Localizer indicator
king KN65 digital DME
King KT76A transponder with mode C
Uavionix skybeacon ADSB out

Brittan B-4 Autopilot (wing leveller)

EDM 700 six cylinder graphic engine analyser

G-meter (accelerometer)

The 65 210E has the 206 wings on it, larger frise ailerons and longer 140 Kt flaps
11.5 ft wide flat skinned horizontal stabilizer and elavator with square 206 counterweight
84 gallons long range fuel
This year 210 has struts just like a 206, no carry through spar AD
Double puck brakes
Rear seat lights and vents
Six seats

Black carpet, cream velour seats and side panels. Cream headliner. Overall good condition. Overall rated 8 out of 10.

Overall bright white with dark and light blue accents in a very traditional Cessna factory scheme. painted by T&P Aircraft refinishing in Salinas CA. Rated 9 out of 10.

This particular year of 210 is very desirable because it is basically a 206 retractable. Previous years had 182 wings and tail (with the smaller flaps and ailerons) and a 260 HP, IO-470. The 65 model, this one, has the IO-520 at 285 HP at 2700 RPM, also the 206 wings and tail. The wings are significant because they have the longer 140 KT Flaps and the wider, more effective frise type ailerons. These planes really are essentially 206's with retractable gear. The 1966 is the same and then in 1967 complete change to the strutless Centurion, with enhanced dihedral and now an expensive AD on the carry-through spar. The years of this model is 1964,1965 and 1966. No damage, complete logs

Seller Name: Mark Pilkington
Seller Phone: 5306422806 Report Listing: [email protected]

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