1963 WARBIRD Bolkow 208C Junior

Los Angeles, CA

AFTT: 900, SMOH: 20,


1963 Bolkow-Messerschmidtt (built in Germany). Less than 900TT, Less than 20SMOH (2019 O/H w/new accessories). Economical O-200-A. 2 seat mid-wing aerobatic trainer.

Dual-control center stick, dual throttles, electric flaps.
Extended cockpit.
Becker radio and transponder. ADS-B Out (GDL82). 406 ELT.
Day VFR.
Excellent visibility with new gray-tint canopies.
Recent annual.
Certified aircraft in Standard & Utility categories.
9/10 condition.
Similar to a Cessna 150 Aerobat in performance.
Docile and easy to fly.
Not LSA but probably will be when rules change. (No brokers)

See a short video at: https://youtu.be/Zvx74eDwAQo

Additional details:
Rare 1963 Messerschmitt-built Bolkow 208 C Junior. About 6 or 7 in the US. About 100+ in the EU.
(Built in Germany at the Messerschmitt factory)
2-place aerobatic sport trainer
Assembled and certified in 1985 from an airframe imported in mid-1960’s
C-model upgrade with extended cockpit
Airframe completely zinc chromated on interior wing, tail and fuselage panels

Airframe and Engine: Less than 900TT
0-200-A (100hp) Less than 20 SMOH
Overhauled engine installed in 2019. Placed in long-term storage after break-in
Returned to flying status 5/22. Annual completed 5/22

Certified aircraft (normal / utility). CAR, Part 3 Normal and Utility categories
Gross weight: 1325 Normal category; 1270 Utility category
Cruise @2500 rpm: about 112 kts (129 mph); Max speed @2750 rpm: 124 kts (143 mph)
Wing loading: 14.25 lbs/sq ft

Unique features:
Center stick, Dual throttles, Pilot-side hand brake
Forward sweep wings (3 degrees)
Cuffed leading edge, Extended wingtips
Stabilator-type horizontal stabilizer with anti-servo tab
Excellent visibility, docile handling
Certified for basic aerobatics (in utility category)
Day VFR only. LED Navigation lights and panel lights

Basic VFR avionics (Becker com, Becker mode C)
GPS plug-in on panel
ADS-B Out (Garmin GDL-82 datalink)
406 ELT (Emerging Lifesaving Tech. 406 ELT with internal GPS). Panel mount controller

Other statistics:

Baggage area behind seats – 45 lb
Fuel capacity: 21.1 US gallons (0.5 unusable)

Aerobatic load limits: 4.40 Positive / 1.76 Negative (Utility category) (safety factor 1.5)

A really fun basic aerobatic trainer. Unmatched visibility due to the mid-wing design, bubble canopy and forward sweep wing. Best fit for pilots under 6’ in height.

Planned as a Cessna 150-Aerobat competitor. Similar performance and handling.

Interior/Exterior: 8.5/10

PS: this aircraft is not a Warbird but WingSwap required a Manufacturer but did not give an option for "other"....
(Several modified 208C aircraft were warbirds in the Biafra war in Africa in the mid-1960s, each carrying under-wing rockets)

Seller Name: Britta Products Inc

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Los Angeles, CA

1963 Bolkow-Messerschmidtt (built in Germany). Less than 900TT, Less than 20SMOH (2019 O/H w/new accessories). Economical O-200-A. 2 seat mid-wing a...