San Jose, California

AFTT: 6057, SMOH: 1713


This is the Bonanza you've been waiting for! Fly fast (218 mph cruise), fly high (25k feet), and fly far (1200 nm standard range) with this very special A36TC. It features a 300HP turbocharged IO520, intercooler, de-ice boots, a hot prop, ADSB in/out, TCAS, autopilot, engine monitor, nice paint/interior, 6 place build in oxygen, 15 gallon tip tanks (110 total gallons), extended baggage area, and MORE. Bonanzas with these mods do everything well, no wonder it's one of the most desirable piston planes on the market!

Recent Mods & Maintenance:
-$20k meticulous annual just completed last month
-New LP aeroplastics windshield, right & left forward windows installed in 2016
-Magnetos overhauled 9/2019
-Top Overhaul w/ Cylinders & lifters overhauled & new pistons 2/2019
-Fuel Pump & wastegate overhauled 8/2018
-Beryl d'Shannon tip tanks (w/ 200lb MGTOW increase to 3850lbs)
-BF Goodrich Deice Boots - wing & tail
-McCauley 3-blade Hot Prop
-Merlyn Intercooler (this is a must for turbo Bonanzas)
-Smith speed seals flaps & ailerons
-Smith fiberglass tailcone
-LED landing light
-Whelan PMA taxi lamp
-GAMI Turbo Fuel Injectors
-Rosen sunvisors
-Pilot/co-pilot storm windows w/ scoops
-Leather refinished 11/2018

Avionics Equipment:
GNS 430W & GTX-345 coupled with Garmin flight stream FS210 GPS
Bendix-King KFC 200 Autopilot/Flight director system w/ GPSS
JPI EDM-700 engine monitor w/ TIT coupled w/ fuel flow transmitter
Garmin Aera 500 handheld GPS color-moving map
Bendix-King KMA 24 audio panel w/ 3-lite marker receiver
Bendix-King 155 Localizer
3M WX 1000+ Stormscope
6-place intercom
Shadin Miniflo fuel computer
King encoding altimeter remote (cockpit) ELT switch
Davtron Model 903 VOR to/from digital OAT gauge
Built-in 6-place Oxygen

1712 SMOH Continental TSIO-520-UB Overhauled by G&N Aircraft to factory new tolerances in 2003
1712 SMOH McCauley 3-blade Hot Prop Overhauled 2003

While the engine is past TBO, I see no reason to rip it out anytime soon. Compressions within spec, little to no oil burn, recent top end overhaul with 6 new cylinders, cool even temps, great performance, fresh oil sample, etc. It didn't skip a beat during my last 15 hour coast to coast trip, didn't burn a quart of oil and no CHTs over 340!

The useful load is 1,165 pounds. Complete logs from new. All AD's complied with. No hail dents or corrosion concerns. Gear up in 1986 - "No mechanical malfunctions found" - FAA. The paint shines thanks to it being hangared almost all its life, a few touch ups here and there. This is a beautiful turn key airplane ready for the next owner. I would love to keep it but my F33A is almost back from the avionics shop, so I have to make room in the hangar.

Motivated seller accepting offers. It will sell quick, don't miss out on this unique bird! Lowest price one on the market by far!

Seller Name: 3JC LLC

Report Listing: [email protected]

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