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2003 CESSNA Caravan 208

Baton Rouge, LA

AFTT: 2859

SMOH: 2859

Clean low time 2003 Cessna Caravan 208. 2859 TTSNEW (airframe, engine and prop) with 235.7 since hot section and a May 2019 Annual. Great IFR aircraft, with de-ice boots, Weather Radar. 2020 ADS-B Compliant. More info and images including 360 interiors at

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1947 PIPER J-3

Chino, CA

SMOH: Continental with 50 hours time since rebuild

Clean 1947 J-3 28 gal tanks at 5gph 65 hp Continental with 50 hours time since rebuild

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2017 GLASAIR Sportsman


AFTT: 265

Tach Time: 265 HRS TTSN Factory built airframe. 1324 lbs in 2-seat config (1344 as 4 seat) Engine: 205 HP O-375 Titan by AeroSport Power. Prop: MT Ultra (210 cm /82.7 in). P-Mags. SteinAero Panel/Wiring: 10" Dynon HDX Touch, 4 place Garmin radio, Com, Dynon ADSB/Autopilot, Pitot heat, 12v/USB ports, HID landing light, LED Nav/Strobes Extremely...

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1981 MOONEY M20J 201 Turbo

Placerville, CA

AFTT: 3749

SMOH: 1926

Engine Time: 1926 SMOH, I0-360 LYCOMING (200 HP) (Turbo) Prop Time: 349 SPOH on Hartzell two blade. Avionics: King KMA 24 Audio panel with 3 LMB King KY 197 digital flip/flop 760 channel com King KNS 80 RNAV DME King KI 208 VOR/Localizer indicator King KX 155 digital flip/flop 760 channel nav/com King KI 209 Glide slope/VOR/localizer indic...

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1975 GRUMMAN AA5-A Cheetah


SMOH: 134

PRICE DROPPED $9K. Over $100k invested into the avionics, paint, interior, and engine, to make this the best Cheetah ever made! Only 134hrs since overhaul on the Lycoming O-320-E2G with the STC for 160hp. Avionics: Garmin GTN430, KX155 TSO Radios, Garmin GTX-327 Transponder. Also includes Pre oil pump. All logs and books up to date and included. A...

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1985 BUCKER Jungmann BU 131E


AFTT: 428

SMOH: 428

Airframe Time: 428 Hours Total Time Engine Time: 428 Hours SNEW on 200 HP IO-360 A4A Lycoming.History: Built in Las Vegas in 1985 by Gerald Hanson. Two owners. Then stored in the Eastern Desert of Southern California as part of a 17 aircraft collection. Avionics: King KMA 24 Audio panel. King KX 155 digital flip/flop 760 Channel Nav/Com. Kin...

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1975 MOONEY M20C

Alexandria, Minnesota

AFTT: 2693

SMOH: 922

Mooney M20C Ranger, 2693TT, 922 SMOH and 922 SPOH, Annualed July 2019 with compressions 77/77/77/76. Has Garmin 300 XL GPS, GTX-327 transponder, S-Tec 30 Autopilot with Altitude hold. Also has electric gear and Lasar cowl mods. NOT ADS-B equipped. Training and delivery is available as well!

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1977 CESSNA 182Q Skylane

Placerville, CA

AFTT: 2377

SMOH: 12

Engine Time: 12 Hours SMOH on I0-470-DCF, 260 HP, (1500 hour TBO, 2019). Low time 182Q with very desirable upgraded Petersen 260 HP fuel injected 470 engine. No carb heat and 30 more HP than standard. It has just come out of an $88,000 repair at Beegles after a heavy nosewheel landing. Perfect repair. New lower belly skins and internals, new firewa...

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1952 CESSNA 195

Saranac lake,, New York

AFTT: 7205

SMOH: 265

Ttaf 7205. Tsmo. 625. Tspo 150 350 hp R755s turbo. Edo E8-3430 straight floats Standard equipment. factory seaplane. Call number ask for Mike. 802-989-0973 CB 150

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1972 PIPER Cherokee 140

Jackson, MI

AFTT: 5100

SMOH: 350

For sale is my 72 Cherokee 140! With 160hp! Ifr certified! I fly this weekly. Was repainted in summer of 2019! Major Engine over haul in 2012! All ADs complied with. Annual done 12/19! Interior is not great. Garmin 250xl Mx20 mfd Kx155 Fm radio 2 attitude indicators Fuel flow meter 4cyl engine monitor Smoh: 350 AFTT: 5100

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Moab, UT

AFTT: 404

SMOH: 10+

Flying daily. CFI owned and flown. Don't want to sell but need something faster. Amazing STOL. Kitfox for half the price. Subaru EA81 100 hp. 3 blade IVO prop. Day VFR. NO ADSB. Comes with Mode C xpdr but removed at conditional because it hasn't been inspected/tested. ICOM radio. 26 Gal Fuel. Grove gear with 8.5" tires. Fresh conditional...

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1973 CESSNA A185F Skywagon

Placerville, CA

AFTT: 5806

SMOH: 882

Engine Time: 882 Hours SMOH on Tornado Alley Turbo IO-550.Avionics: PS Engineering Audio Panel with intercom and Music input Garmin GTN 650 Color touch-screen IFR moving map GPS/Com King KCS 55A slaved HSI. King KX 155 digital flip/flop 760 channel Nav/Com. Electronics International CGR 30P Multifunction display. Electronics International CG...


AFTT: 300

SMOH: 92

Engine Time: 92 Hours SMOH on 0320 E2D 160 HP in 2017.This is serial number ONE Swick clipped wing taylorcraft built by Jim Moss. Only 300 Hours TT since 1997. Delightful to fly and very capable aerobatic single seater. Can't afford a Pitts, buy this. Avionics: Terra Com. Terra Transponder. ADSB Uvionix tailbeacon. G meter. CHT gauge.Airfram...

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1980 MOONEY m20j

Pikeville, ky

AFTT: 3250


We have a 1980 M20J Single Engine Airplane available. This airplane has been immaculately taken care of and is now being sold only because the owner is upgrading to a twin. An IFR certified plane, this is a great plane to take family trips on or even build time because of Mooney's relatively low fuel burn. You'll get 150kts indicated air speed an...

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1977 CESSNA A185F

Lincoln, ME

AFTT: 3769

SMOH: 260

Contential IO-520, 260 hours on factory reman. 60 hours on McCauley 2 blade. MPA 8000 Audio Panel. KX175 w/ glideslope. KX155 w/ vor. 200A Navomatic Autopilot. Bendix King GPS. New GTX ADS-B Transponder. New Headliner. Rear Jump Seats. Horton STOL. Factory Float Kit. Long Range Fuel. Just completed $20k annual.

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1955 PIPER PA-22

Moscow, Idaho

AFTT: 3773

SMOH: 1755

1955 PA-22 150HP N1823P TT 3773 SMOH 1755 1174 hrs STOH. dang near a full overhaul, new Bearings, new pistons & Rings,overhauled mags & carb, fresh annual 2/11/2020 New sealed struts 2018 Auto fuel STC 4 place intercom, works good. radio works good. new bungees

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1970 CESSNA 182N Skylane w/ 520

Placerville, CA

AFTT: 3908

SMOH: 594

Engine Time: 594 Hours SMOH on 0-470-50 (P-Ponk 520 engine) 2000 hour TBO.Avionics: Garmin 340 Audio Panel with Intercom and 3 LMB. Garmin GNS 430 Color IFR moving map GPS/Com. Garmin GI 209 Glide Slope/VOR/Localizer Indicator. King KX 155 760 channel digital flop/flop Nav/Com. King KI 209 Glide slop/VOR/Localizer Indicator. Arnav GPS (older unit)...

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1962 CESSNA 185 Skywagon

Placerville, CA

AFTT: 6061

SMOH: 1811

Engine Time: 1811 Hours SMOH on I0-520D, 1700 hour TBO. (Western Skyways).Avionics: King KMA 29 Audio panel with 3 LMB King KX 155 Digital flip/flop 760 channel Nav/Com King KI 209 Glide Slope/VOR/Localizer Garmin 696 panel mounted in Air-gizmo mount. King KI 208 VOR/ Localizer indicator. Garmin 327 Mode C Transponder. EDO-Aire HSI. Centur...

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1975 CESSNA 185F Skywagon

Placerville, CA

AFTT: 2039

SMOH: 708

Owned by current Northern California owner since 1989. He bought it from Minnesota with 900 TT on the airframe. We then sold it to another Northern California resident and it has lived 50 miles from Placerville for the last 8 years. Complete logs. Float kitted.Engine Time: 708 SMOH, I0-550 D16B (300 HP) (1999).Avionics: King KMA 20 Audio Panel w...

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1979 CESSNA 182 Turbo RG

Placerville, CA

AFTT: 4725

SMOH: 1056

Complete logs. No hail. No damage history. A well equipped nice flying, ready to go ADSB equipped 182 Turbo RG.Engine Time: 1056 Hours SMOH on 0-540 Lycoming, 2000 hour TBO.Avionics: King KMA 24 Audio Panel with 3LMB Garmin GNS 530W color moving map IFR GPS/Com (WAAS), Garmin GI 106B Glide slope/VOR/localizer Indicator, Garmin flight stream 21...