Camarillo, CA

AFTT: 1073, SMOH: 1073


Lowest price FIKI Cessna TTX on the market!
THE Cessna TTX * 235 knots * 1,250 nm range * 1,400 fpm Rate of Climb * 25,000' Service Ceiling * Twin turbo-Charges Engine * 310 HP * FULL DIGITAL LOGBOOKS available to interested parties.

If you want gobs of performance, sports-car-like handling, strength and durability then the TTx is for you. To use a well-worn phrase, the SR22T is more of a passenger’s airplane while the TTx is definitely a pilot’s airplane. The TTx has better runway performance, a better climb rate, and at a high-speed power setting can fly an 800 nm trip 26 knots faster than an SR22T

Inside and out, the TTx is a full-featured airplane and strong. Twin carbon fiber spars run the entire wingspan. Embedded in the fuselage structure is a protective carbon fiber roll cage that surrounds the cabin. The airframe has an unlimited life and has been fatigue tested to the equivalent of 25,200 flight hours. To top it off the TTx is certified in the Utility category. One of the benefits of which is a comparatively high 158 knot maneuvering speed. This means you can still make decent time in turbulence. For slowing down, there are speed brakes standard. For battling ice, there’s a TKS weeping wing system! Touch screen Garmin G2000 Intrinsic with SYNTHETIC VISION still the most state of the art avionics package in the world. "This is THE Finest Single Engine airplane I have ever flown".This airplane is fresh out of an annual with just over an hour in the logs since. Ready to go to a new owner right away.
The owner of this airplane purchased it from Cessna, and has spared no expense in keeping it absolutely pristine every year. Read the Flying Magazine article in which this airplane was featured on the cover! More articles and documents about this very plane in the Service Logs section. AOPA Pilot featured on the cover, Sporties featured on the cover, Men's Magazine feature on the cover!

Seller Name: Jesse McClintock
Seller Phone: 5135268244

Report Listing: [email protected]

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