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1975 CESSNA 182P


AFTT: 6148

SMOH: 1586

Airframe: 6148.2 hrs TTSNEW Engine: 1586.4 hrs TSMOH Continental O-470-S2 (230 HP, 2000hr TBO) Compressions at 2019 annual: 79 / 76 / 69 / 75 / 76 / 75 Propeller: 50.7 hrs Hartzell 3 Blade Overhauled by Propworks, September 2015 Annual: Completed October 2021 Useful Load: 1078 lbs Damage History: Wing repair in 1988, left door post...

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1976 CESSNA Cardinal 177B

Placerville, CA

AFTT: 3595

SMOH: 1450

Aircraft Total Time: 3595 Hours Engine Time: 1450 Hours SMOH on 0-360, 180 HP Lycoming, 2000 TBO Propeller Time: 1100 Hours SPOH (Two blade) Annual Due: May 2022 Useful Load: 1059 Lbs Avionics: Garmin 340 Audio Panel with intercom and 3LMB Garmin GTN 650 color IFR moving map GPS/Com Garmin Glide slope/VOR/CDI/Localizer indicator Garmin...

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Placerville, CA

AFTT: 5859

SMOH: 795

Airframe Time: 5859 Hours Total Time Engine Time: 795 Hours SMOH on O-540 235 HP Lycoming. 2000 Hour TBO. Prop Time: 28 SPOH, on McCauley two blade. Useful Load: 1380 lbs Annual Due: December 2022 Avionics: PS engineering PMA6000 M-C Audio panel with 3 LMB Garmin portable 296 panel mounted color moving map GPS Narco MK 12D Digital flip...

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1965 CESSNA 210E Centurion

Placerville, CA

AFTT: 4130

SMOH: 290

Airframe Time: 4130 Hours TT Engine Time: 290 SMOH, Continental IO-520A 285 HP, Eagle engines (2006) Prop Time: 605 SPOH on Two blade McCauley C73 (2000) Annual Due: May 2022 Useful Load: 1082 Lbs Avionics: King KA 134 Audio Panel King KX 155 digital flip/flop 760 channel nav/com King KI 209 Glide Slope/VOR/Localizer indicator King KX...

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Placerville, CA

AFTT: 3441

SMOH: 379

SMOH(2): 383

Registration Number: N4971P Serial Number: 27-573 Aircraft Total Time: 3441 Hours Engine Time, LEFT : 379 Hours SMOH on 0-540-A1D5, 250 HP. Engine Time, RIGHT : 383 Hours SMOH on 0-540-A1D5, 250 HP. Propeller Time, LEFT: 282 Hours SPOH (Hartzell HC-A2MVK-2) Propeller Time, LEFT: 282 Hours SPOH (Hartzell HC-A2MVK-2) Annual Due: October 2022...

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1946 PIPER Canadian J3 Cub


AFTT: 3770

SMOH: 1186

Airframe: 3770.2 hrs TTSNEW Engine: 1186.2 hrs TSMOH Continental A-65-8F (65 HP, 1800hr TBO) Overhauled by Leavins, April 1965 Engine was inspected in April 2020 by Universal Aero Engines Propeller: 213.5 hrs McCauley 2 Blade 5 year Corrosion inspection completed July 2021 Annual: Annual completed July 2021 Useful Load: 427 lbs Int...

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2005 FLOAT PLANE Bushhawk XP

Brisbane, Queensland

AFTT: 3520

SMOH: 60

Bush Hawk XP taildragger currently mounted on Aerocet 3400 Composite Amphibious Floats. Aircraft was built in Canada in 2005 and is now located in Queensland Australia. All Tailwheel Landing Gear is included. Aircraft presents in excellent condition and engine has 1,100 hours to run. Currently in charter category. Lift more than a 206, faster...

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1967 PIPER Cherokee 140

Longmont, CO

AFTT: 3876

SMOH: 1835

Great western kept and clean time builder that is ready to go. No known damage history or hail, complete logs since new, no known corrosion having spent the majority of its life in South Dakota and now based in Colorado. Long range 50 gallon tanks providing up to 588nm at 65% power. Currently based at KLMO.

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1994 STEEN Skybolt

Broomfield, CO

AFTT: 534

SMOH: 534

Great two place fully aerobatic Skybolt with full canopy, western based and hangar kept at KBJC. Complete with an inverted fuel and oil system, smoke kit, and two parachutes included (Parachutes need recertification). Aircraft has only been used for light aerobatics and has been family owned since early 2000’s. No known damage history, with complet...

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Riverside, CA

AFTT: 7700

SMOH: 500

SMOH(2): 1550

1964 Beechcraft Baron Offered. $169,999 OBO. 7700 TTAF, 500 SMOH - Engine 1, 1550 SMOH - Engine 2. Plane flies often, times will change a little bit; Compression's are good. Heated Boots/Deice. Lots of newer avionics installed by Garmin Dealer in past 2 years: GFC 600 3 Axis Auto Pilot, GTN 750 w/GTX345, GTN 650, GMA 35, Dual G5s. Interior and Exte...

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1965 PIPER Cherokee 180

Calgary, AB

AFTT: 3613

SMOH: 1825

Airframe: 3612.7 hrs TTSNEW Engine: 1824.6 hrs TSMOH Lycoming O-360-A3A (180hp, 2000hr TBO) Overhauled by Murno Aero Engines, December 1984 Compressions at last annual: 73 / 76 / 76 / 77 Propeller: 1612.1 hrs Sensenich 2 Blade Most recent 5 year corrosion inspection, May 2019 Annual: Completed May 2021 Useful Load: 1095.6 lbs Damage...


AFTT: 7268

SMOH: 826

Airframe: 7267.9 hrs TTSNEW Engine: 826.1 hrs TSMOH Pratt and Whitney R-1340-AN1 Overhauled by Convington Aircraft, June 2008 Propeller: 418.8hrs SPOH Hamilton Standard 2 Blade Overhauled by Gulf Aero Propeller, June 2013 Annual: Annual Completed June 2021 Useful Load: 3225 lbs Damage History: No known damage Interior: Red Cloth...

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1972 BEECHCRAFT 58 Baron

Port Orange, Florida

AFTT: 8700

SMOH: 870

SMOH(2): 870

1972 Beechcraft 58 Baron for sale! IO-520-C16B engines with 870hrs since factory major overhaul, 234SMOH L&R alcohol Propellers, and 8,700hrs TT airframe. Stratus ADSB transponder, Air-conditioning, KWX 56 radar transceiver, KY 196 COMM, K155 NAV/COM, KMA 20 audio panel, KLN 90B GPS. Grey leather seats, and side panels with a blue trim accent. 1,63...

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1974 CESSNA 182P

Calgary, AB

AFTT: 3324

SMOH: 439

Airframe: 3323.8 hrs TTSNEW Engine: 438.7 hrs TSMOH Continental O-470-R (230 HP, 1500hr TBO) Overhauled by Okanagan Aero Engine, October 2015 Compressions at annual: 70 / 70 / 65 / 74 / 74 / 70 Propeller: 271.7 hrs Hartzell 3 Blade Overhauled by Aero Propeller, May 2017 Annual: Completed January 2021 Useful Load: 1158.6 lbs Damage H...

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2004 CIRRUS SR20 G2

San Antonio, TX

AFTT: 850

2004 Cirrus SR20 G2 **0-Hour Engine / New Interior / $15K Cash-Back for CAPS** I am helping my grandfather sell his Cirrus SR20. We are honest people, and will gladly answer any questions. We're trying to offer a good deal. If you don't want the new interior or cash-back, that's fine. Everything in this world is negotiable. It is currently locate...

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1983 WARBIRD Nanchang CJ-6A

Calgary, AB

AFTT: 2982

SMOH: 197

1983 Nanchang CJ-6A

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SAN DIEGO, California

AFTT: 550

G6 SR22T FIKI A/C ADSB. - Carbon package 550hrs Since New Annual 6/21 2 cylinders replaced under warranty - this is normal to take advantage of the warranty It has everything Perspective+ with FAST Processors, Key Fob unlock, Garmin GFC700 Autopilot, Garmin Synthetic Vision, Full FIKI Certified, XM Weather & Audio, Oxygen, Air Conditioning,...


Available Mid August, 2022. Configuration open. NOTE: This helicopter is available for sale only to US based buyers.


Overhaul Kit Pricing: JOIN OUR NEXT LARGE PARTS ORDER FOR ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS. R22 $94,050 (+ $15,300 Core Charge) Raven I/Cadet $140,600 (+ $39,060 Core Charge) Raven II $144,875 (+ $39,060 Core Charge) R66 $178,600 (+ $41,050 Core Cha...


AFTT: 3228

Exterior Base: White. Exterior Trim: Grey. Interior: Grey Leather. Fire Extinguisher with Pocket. Vertical Card Compass. 4 Bubble Windows. Four-Point Harness. Artificial Horizon with Slip Skid Indicator. Directional Gyro. King KY 196A Com. Garmin GTX 327 Transponder. uAvionix TailBeacon ADS-B Out. Garmin 400 GPS. ELT. JPI Fuel Flow In...