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1985 SOCATA TB 10


AFTT: 3404

SMOH: 1502

Airframe: 3404.3 hrs TTSNEW Engine: 1501.8 hrs TSMOH Lycoming O-36-A1AD (180hp, 2200hr TBO per Lycoming SL 1009, Section 15) Overhauled by Lycoming, July 1993 Compressions at annual: 70 / 76 / 78 / 78 Propeller: 66.1 hrs McCauley 3 Blade Overhauled by Aviation BL, May 2018 Annual: Completed October 2022 Useful Load: 846.4 lbs Dama...


AFTT: 1653

Exterior Base: Viper Blue Metallic. Exterior Trim: Gold. (Note: N-Numbers and Custom Markings are Decals) Interior: Tan Leather. Air Conditioning. Fire Extinguisher with Pocket. Vertical Card Compass. Artificial Horizon with Slip/Skid Indicator. Directional Gyro. Garmin GTR 200 Com. Garmin SL40 Com. Garmin GNX 375 Navigagor w/CDI & Tr...

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1968 CESSNA 421


AFTT: 3095

SMOH: 974

SMOH(2): 642

Airframe: 3094.9 hrs TTSNEW (aircraft flown regularly) Engine LH: 973.5 hrs TSMOH Continental GTSIO-520-D (1600hr TBO) Overhauled by Mid-States Aircraft Engines Inc, January 1991 Engine RH: 641.6 hrs TSMOH Continental GTSIO-520-D (1600hr TBO) Overhauled by Teledyne Continental, March 2007 Propeller LH/RH: 229.4 hrs / 229.4 hrs SPOH M...

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1965 HUGHES 269A

Placerville, CA

AFTT: 5500

SMOH: 800

Airframe Time: 5500 Hours Total Time Engine Time: 800 Hours SMOH Lycoming I0-360 (Kinzie 200 HP) Blade Times: 300, 300, 1100.Airframe: Kinzie 200 HP engine upgrade (Higher hover/More torque) New rear driveshaft All very clear glass bubble Removable doors Four point shoulder harnesses LED Beacon New fuel pump New battery Adjustable pedal...

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2010 VANS RV6

Miami, FL

AFTT: 750

SMOH: 1530

Wonderful example of a FULLY loaded RV-6. Lycoming 0-320 FP cruise prop. Will cruise @ 170 KTS(true) burning 9-7 GPH depending on altitude. Twin Dynon Skyview touch screens Dynon Autopilot Avidyne IFD 440 touch screen GPS (FULL IFR) PMA 7000 Bluetooth Audio Panel SL30 NavCom Hotel Whiskey Aviation ER Tanks. + 8.8 gallons. Total of 46.8 Gallons...

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1969 CESSNA 150J

Clinton, Iowa

AFTT: 4550

SMOH: 1200

ACT Texas Taildragger conversion,Vortex generators,Areo Fabricators 4 point harness,Rosen Visors,LED lights,Garmin 430 GPS/Nav/Com-IFR cert,Garmin 255 Nav/Com with Glide Slope,KT-76A Transponder,Ads-B out Tailbeacon,S-TEC 50 Autopilot w/ Alt Hold,also included but not installed,ST-901 GPSS converter&DG with heading select.Carb temp/OAT Instrument,E...

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1967 CESSNA Turbo TU206B Stationair

Placerville, CA

AFTT: 9300

SMOH: 463

Engine Time: 463 Hours SMOH on TSIO-520C, 1400 TBO, 285 HP Propeller Time: 463 Hours SNEW (MTV-G-D) Composite MT Three blade Annual Due: November 2022 Useful Load: 1552 Lbs Avionics: King KMA 20 Audio panel with 3LMB Garmin GNC 255A Digital flip/flop com TRIG TT31 Digital Transponder Uavionix wingtip ADSB out Beacon JPI EDM 900 Digital...

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1989 LAKE LA-250/270T Turbo Renegade

Caldwell, ID

AFTT: 1084

SMOH: 1084

N270TL, 1,084 hours TTAF/ETSN on a Lycoming TIO-540-AA1AD, 6-Cylinder, Turbo Charged, Fuel Injected, 270 HP Engine, 342 hours STOH, Turbo Wastegate Overhauled 2/20. Propeller is a Hartzell HC-E3YR-1RLF 3-Bladed All Metal Constant Speed Propeller, 16.1 hours Since Propeller Overhaul (SPOH), Sullivan Propellers, 10/15, and has the Q-Tip Noise Reduct...

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2001 STEEN Skybolt

Syracuse, NY

AFTT: 1000

SMOH: 1000

2001 IO540 powered Steen Skybolt for sale! 1,000hrs TT airframe, and 1,000hrs SMOH engine. Cleveland wheels and breaks, upper Wing tank, full inverted system. Single seat canopy, with the optional open cockpit front seat. K175 radio, Collins mode C transponder, Electric fuel gauge, no ADSB. Fresh annual asking $37,000, call for more info.

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1983 CESSNA A185F

Lincoln, ME

AFTT: 3595

SMOH: 216

The best of the best. An Exceptionally clean and low time Cessna Skywagon. Completely Refurbished in 2018. Plane needs absolutely nothing. IO-550 engine with all new avionics. New glass and new custom interior. Long Range fuel (78 Gallons). Currently on standard wheel gear. Option to come with PK 3050A Amphibs. Ready to go now! Avionics/Equipment:...

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1966 CESSNA 172H

Lincoln, ME

AFTT: 5375

SMOH: 464.8

Cessna 172 Taildragger, 180hp Lycoming O-360-A1D, 465 TTSN (IRAN 5 hours ago), Hartzell constant speed prop HC-C2YK-1BF/F7666A, 8 hours since new. Sportaman STOL, VG's, Seaplane Kit, LED lights, Shoulder Harnesses, Kydex interior, New Panel Going in with Dual G5's, GTR 225 COM, ADS-B, True Trim Autopilot, CGR-30P Engine Monitor, Garmin Aera 660 GPS...

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Newton, Kansas

AFTT: 5700

SMOH: 250

Great airplane, all logs no damage history Lots of upgrades. RAM IO-550, VGs, Speed Brakes, aft baggage Mod, Gami injectors, DeShannon Baffles. Avidyne 540, Garmin GTX-345 ADSB transponder, Century III A/P

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1969 PIPER Turbo Twin Comanche

Port Orange, Florida

AFTT: 2200

SMOH: 400

SMOH(2): 400

VERY CLEAN, LOW TIME 1969 TURBO Twin Comanche C model for sale! Only 2,200HRS TT airframe, and 400SMOH on both IO-320-CIA Rajay turbo charged engines. 0 since IRAN left engine, new cam, and bearings installed. GAMI-Injectors, Britian tip tanks (120 gallons total), one piece window, 6 seats, single fork gear, small nose wheel, built in oxygen system...

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2004 CESSNA 172SP Skyhawk

Thomson, GA

AFTT: 1099

1099 Hours SNEW, ADS-B in & out, Interior & Exterior 8.5/10, corrosion proofing all structures, Last annual inspection performed: September, 2021, Compressions at annual (1# 68/80) (2# 68/80) (3# 72/80) (4# 71/80) (5# 70/80) (6# 65/80), No damage history

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1980 CESSNA 182 Turbo RG Skylane

Placerville, CA

AFTT: 2661

SMOH: 638

Aircraft Total Time: 2661 Engine Time: 638 Hours SMOH on 0-540 in 2005 by Lycon in 2005 (2000 TBO) Everything firewall forward Propeller Time: 638 Hours SPOH (McCauley C219 two blade) Annual Due: Febuary 2022 Useful Load: 1165 Lbs Avionics: PS Engineering 450 BT Audio Panel with 3LMB Garmin GNS 750 Color IFR Moving map GPS/Com Garmin GDL...

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1979 PIPER Warrior II 161

Placerville, CA

AFTT: 6043

SMOH: 1248

Airframe Time: 6043 Hours Total Time Engine Time: 1248 Hours SMOH on 160 HP 0-320 D3G Lycoming, 2000 hour TBO. Annual Due: January 2022 Useful Load: 979 Lbs Avionics: King KMA 20 Audio panel with 3LMB King KX 170B 760 channel analog nav/com King KI 209 Glide slope/VOR/localizer indicator King KX 170B 760 channel analog nav/com King KI...

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1967 CESSNA 210G Centurion

Placerville, CA

AFTT: 7849

SMOH: 711

Airframe Time: 7849 Hours Total Time Engine Time: 711 Hours SMOH on IO-520E, 285 HP Continental. 1900 Hour TBO. Prop Time: 740 SPOH, on McCauley three blade since new. Useful Load: 1340 lbs Annual Due: March 2022 Avionics: Garmin GTN 750 Color touch screen IFR moving map GPS/Com Remote Audio panel controlled by 750 Garmin Glide slope/L...

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2009 LANCAIR 4P Turbine

Located in, NV

AFTT: 191

SMOH: 191

Serial Number: LIV-343 Airframe Time: 191.2 Hours Total Time Engine Time: 191.2 Hours SMOH on Walter 601D, 750 HP Turbine. Prop Time: 191.2 SPOH Annual Due: June 2022 Useful Load: 1400 Lbs Avionics: Dual Advanced 5500 PFD/MFD displays VRD 10 Avionics engine data display Dynon EFIS D10A Garmin GNS 530W Color IFR GPS/Com (WAAS) Garmin...

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2022 ROBINSON R44 Raven I - Listing # 381H

St. Augustine, FL


Configuration open until December 3, 2021. *Approximate Hours at delivery plus time logged by Robinson Helicopter Company prior to delivery. NOTE: This helicopter is available for sale only to US based buyers. Price does not include factory required ferry insurance.

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1946 CESSNA C120

Temecula, CA

AFTT: 3560

SMOH: 1223

Super Cessna 120! 125hp O-290-D 40A Alternator Skytec Starter Crossover exhaust Freshly overhauled mags Two new cylinders Grove Solid Axles New Alaska Airframes 3200 Tailwheel 8.50x6 tundra tires Garmin G5/Aera660 GPS Garmin GTR Radio Bose Lemos Tailbeacon ADS-B Full restoration with paint and new fabric in 2015. Cruise near redline at 140mph ea...