For Sale

1964 CESSNA 210

Van Nuys, CA

AFTT: 3842

SMOH: 1809

We have an awesome 1964 Cessna 210D Centurion for sale with great bones and a recent annual Inspection on June 9th 2021. The aircraft is located at KVNY (Van Nuys Airport) and has had the same owner for 25 years. Electronic Logbooks on request. Airframe Details: AFTT: 3842.2 All Log Books Gear up and Prop Strike 26 years ago and fully repaired a...

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1967 CESSNA 150G

Syracuse, NY

AFTT: 1915

SMOH: 555

Low time Cessna 150G for sale! Only 1,915 TT airframe, and 555 SMOH. Current annual as of June 2021. New Airtex carpet, LED landing/taxi light, updated McFarlane fuel vent line, spin on oil filter, King 97A COM, Bendix King 76A transponder, garmin 496 panel mount, Sigtronics SPA-400 intercom. All new plastic fairings and wingtips. Cleveland wheels,...

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1967 CESSNA 182K

Calgary, AB

AFTT: 3545

SMOH: 642

Airframe: 3544.6 hrs TTSNEW Engine: 642.0 hrs TSMOH Continental O-470-50 P Ponk STC (2000hr TBO) Overhauled by Progressive, July 1999 Compressions at annual: 50 / 60 / 62 / 62 / 62 / 68 Propeller: 18.9 hrs McCauley 3 Blade Overhauled by PropWorks, January 2021 Annual: Completed January 2021 Useful Load: 960 lbs Damage History: Prop...

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1979 CESSNA 182Q Skylane

Placerville, CA

AFTT: 4115

SMOH: 1556

Aircraft Total Time: 4115 Engine Time: 1556 Hours SMOH on 0-470U in 2017 by Lynn's Aero Engines in 1991 (1500 TBO) Propeller Time: ZERO Hours SPOH (McCauley C204 two blade) Oil filled hub AD Annual Due: October 2022 Useful Load: 1280 Lbs Avionics: 24 volt system Garmin 340 Audio panel with 3LMB and intercom Garmin GNS 530 Color IFR GPS/...

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1979 CESSNA 180K Skywagon

Placerville, CA

AFTT: 1422

SMOH: 143

Serial Number: 18053089 Airframe Time: 1422 Hours Total Time Engine Time: 143 Hours SMOH on Texas Skyways O-520 (2500 TBO) 2015 Propeller Time: 143 SPOH on Hartzell "Buccaneer" three blade Useful Load: 886 Lbs (Kenmore GW STC available for 390 Extra Lbs) Total 3190 GW (1276 Useful load) Annual Due: January 2022 Avionics: Second year of t...

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1946 CESSNA 120

Grant City, MO

This is a 1946 Cessna 120 Complete Airframe. AIRFRAME ONLY!! NO ENGINE! This is complete with cowlings and engine mount. No prop. Some Damage HISTORY! It has been repaired. Currently in Storage. Excellent condition, grey leather interior. Needs some paint repair(Replaced Unpainted parts) Narco (1) Radio&Transponder Panel is complete. Has re...

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1968 CESSNA 150H

Boulder, colorado

AFTT: Please contact for more pics

TURN KEY. Fresh restoration. No expense spared! 1968 Cessna 150H Last annual 4-2021 Less than 100 hours since complete overhaul/restoration 100 hp Runs on Mogas STC! All yellow tagged new cylinders, pistons, rings, bearings, ignition leads, engine baffles, mufflers, carburetor, bracket, air filter, spin on filter, zeftronics regulator, paint,...

For Sale

1976 CESSNA 182P


AFTT: 2860

SMOH: 1034

Airframe: 2860.3 hrs TTSNEW Engine: 1034.3 hrs TSMOH Continental O-470-S (230 HP, 1500hr TBO) Overhauled by Dave From Aviation, March 2005 Compressions at annual: 68 / 64 / 75 / 74 / 74 / 72 Propeller: 193.4 hrs McCauley 2 Blade Overhauled by PropWorks, April 2015 Annual: Completed June 2021 Useful Load: 1110 lbs Damage History: Pr...

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1965 CESSNA 150

Moultrie, Georgia

Nice 150 forsale , standard avionics , no adsb. New muffler and new plugs. Runs like a top . Low time engine. Paint is in fair condition , inside in good condition.

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1968 CESSNA 172L 180hp Amphibian

Placerville, CA

AFTT: 3468

SMOH: 963

Airframe Time: 3468 Hours Total Time Engine Time: 963 Hours SMOH on 180 HP 0-360 Lycoming, 2000 hour TBO. Annual Due: August 2021 Useful Load: 695 Lbs. Avionics: Garmin 340 Audio panel with 3 LMB and intercom Four place intercom Garmin GNS 430 Color IFR moving map GPS/Com Garmin GTX 327 Transponder with Mode C Astro-tech LC2 digital ti...

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1969 CESSNA 182M sk

Placerville, CA

AFTT: 4819

SMOH: 355

Engine Time: 355 Hours SMOH on 0-470R in 2017 by Western Skyways Propeller Time: 355 Hours SPOH (McCauley C203 two blade) Annual Due: July 2022 Useful Load: 1057 Lbs Avionics: Garmin 340 Audio Panel with 3LMB and intercom Garmin GNS 530W Color IFR moving map GPS/Com (WAAS) Garmin Glide slope/VOR/Localizer/CDI indicator Garmin GNS 430W Co...

For Sale

1978 CESSNA R182

Santiago, Santiago

AFTT: 1795

SMOH: 190

Accepting offers on the lowest time RG! Needs new home! Will deliver anywhere for expenses. ALL NEW WINDOWS INCLUDED! 190 SREM and new prop. 0 STOP!!!!!!!! NEW PAINT! NEW INTERIOR! NEW METAL PANEL! ADS-B COMPLIANT!!! Nose gear collapsed while parked on idle. IRAN by Lycoming, New firewall forward. Wet wing!!! Great avionics stack! Dual GS, HSI, MFD...

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1977 CESSNA 172 N

Mount Sterling, Kentucky

AFTT: 8691.9

SMOH: 247

Cessna 172N Skyhawk for sale with the Lycoming O-320 with 247 SMOH and has the power flow exhaust systems installed. This Skyhawk has ADSB IN/OUT, LED taxi/landing lights, and Lord shimmy damper, and Flap gap seals. The interior is a 7/10 and the exterior is a 5.5/10. There is some damage history with this plane where the left wing was removed due...

For Sale

1977 CESSNA 172 N

Mount Sterling, Kentucky

AFTT: 8691.9

SMOH: 247

1977 Cessna 172N Skyhawk for sale. It has a Lycoming O-320 with the power flow exhaust systems and only has 247 SMOH. It also has flap gap seals as well as a LED Taxi/Landing lights, and Lord Shimmy Damper. The interior is 7/10 and exterior is 5.5/10. There is some damage history to the left wing outboard rib and wing panel. The wing was repaired a...

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1960 CESSNA C172A

Wichita, KS

AFTT: 4300

SMOH: 1180

For sale a 1960 172A. TT 4300 TSMOH 1180 Annual good throught April 2022. Last service was July 27th 2021 and compression was #1-74 #2-74 #3-74 #4-74 #5-79 #6-76 useful load is 840lbs. IFR certified Paint is 9 out of 10 interior is 8 out of 10 glass 8 out of 10. Has a Stratus transponder and ADS-B in/out dual nav/com dual VOR's At annual had n...

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1975 CESSNA 150M

Mesa, AZ

AFTT: 4200

SMOH: 500

TT approx 4200 SMOH approx 500 (will change as is currently still being flown) Plane has the Autogas STC but I’ve only ever used 100LL Skybeacon as seen in pictures. Last compression check was 75/79/78/78 Annual due 04/2022 All log books with the plane. Useful load is just shy of 500 lbs 2-13 gal tanks with 22.5 useable. Burns 4.5-5gal per hour of...

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1966 CESSNA 172H

Lincoln, ME

AFTT: 5375

SMOH: 464.8

Cessna 172 Taildragger, 180hp Lycoming O-360-A1D, 465 TTSN (IRAN 5 hours ago), Hartzell constant speed prop HC-C2YK-1BF/F7666A, 8 hours since new. Sportaman STOL, VG's, Seaplane Kit, LED lights, Shoulder Harnesses, Kydex interior, New Panel Going in with Dual G5's, GTR 225 COM, ADS-B, True Trim Autopilot, CGR-30P Engine Monitor, Garmin Aera 660 GPS...

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1974 CESSNA 182P


AFTT: 2049

SMOH: 403

Airframe: 2048.7 hrs TTSNEW Engine: 402.9 hrs TSMOH Continental O-470-R (230 HP, 2000hr TBO) Overhauled by Okanagan Aero Engines, February 2005 Compressions at 2019 annual: 62 / 62 / 65 / 77 / 74 / 74 Propeller: 6.5 hrs McCauley 2 Blade Overhauled by Aero Propeller, December 2015 Annual: Completed December 2020 Useful Load: 1162 lbs...

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1977 CESSNA 172N Skyhawk

Knoxville, Tennessee

AFTT: 1391

SMOH: 1391

Airframe: 1391 SNEW Engine: 1391 SNEW - Lycoming O-320-H2AD Propeller: 1391 SNEW - McCauley 1C160/ CTM 7553 Max Gross Takeoff Weight: 2300 lbs Basic Empty Weight: 1496 lbs Useful Load: 804 lbs Usable Fuel Capacity: 40 gallons Empty CG: 39.69 inches General: Aircraft in a shade hangar at McGhee Tyson Airport (KTYS) in Knoxville, Tenness...

For Sale

1979 CESSNA 175 with O-470

Placerville, CA

AFTT: 3492

SMOH: 732

Airframe Time: 3492 Hours Total Time Engine Time: 732 Hours SMOH on O-470R 230 HP Continental. 1500 Hour TBO. Prop Time: 732 SPOH, on McCauley two blade. Useful Load: 782 lbs Annual Due: January 2022 Avionics: Michaels TKM MX 11 Digital flip/flop Com Narco Nav 122 VOR/Localizer indicator Narco AT 50A Transponder PS Engineering PM 1000 four plac...