Fractional Ownership

1964 BEECHCRAFT Bonanza S35

Hayward, CA

AFTT: 5100

SMOH: 420

1964 S35 TT 5100 IO520BA 420 SMOH (2012 installed remanufactured engine; Cylinder 2 & 4 OH 2022) 3 blade McCauley prop (78 SPOH) Empty weight: 2147lbs (1153lbs useful load) 4 leather seats (6 seats config, but I removed the last 2 ones) New avionics & new aluminum panel: 3xGI275 (attitude; HSI, EIS) 430W (will upgrade in a couple of years)...

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San Jose, California

AFTT: 6057

SMOH: 1713

This is the Bonanza you've been waiting for! Fly fast (218 mph cruise), fly high (25k feet), and fly far (1200 nm standard range) with this very special A36TC. It features a 300HP turbocharged IO520, intercooler, de-ice boots, a hot prop, ADSB in/out, TCAS, autopilot, engine monitor, nice paint/interior, 6 place build in oxygen, 15 gallon tip tan...

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San Diego, CA

AFTT: 4,450

SMOH: 15.0

-Newly Rennovated S35 Bonanza! New Prop, Overhauled Engine, Updated Panel, New Paint, Interior and Windows. -This beautiful bonanza is designed to be someone's comfortable, reliable and speedy family traveler. Someone with experience, who appreciates Beechcraft quality and a modern touch on an amazing airplane. No waiting or down time. It's turn-k...

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1965 BEECHCRAFT S-35 Bonanza

Camarillo, CA

AFTT: 6320

SMOH: 350

This beautiful 1965 S35 Bonanza is THE Bonanza to buy as its been completely gone through, with a new panel including a Garmin GTN750, Five Garmin Gi-275's, and Garmin G500 Autopilot w/ Smart Glide. New seats front and back, with a beautiful paint job. New LED's all around. 330hrs on the IO-550B engine, this thing screams! All logs available.

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Camarillo, Ca

AFTT: 8251

SMOH: 1488

This beautiful well cared for A36 has the IO-550BB engine (2000hr TBO) and an updated interior with club seating. Interior redone in 2003. Paint was redone in 2003, and all side windows replaced in 2003. Complete logs are available. Panel includes a Garmin GNS430W GPS, Garmin Apollo MX-20 MFD, JPI 700 Engine monitor, JPI 430 Fuel Flow, and S-TEC...