For Sale

O-320 lycoming

Holtville, Ca

This engine was rebuilt with yellow tagged parts around 2004 and then put in storage. Includes log books. Engine is being sold as a core. It may be airworthy, but it was sitting in a hanger in a humid environment and do not have a bore scope to inspect it. Comes with a generator, fuel pump, prop govenor and magetoes. External accessories shows sign...

For Sale

1990 Rotor Way “Remanufactured”

Downey, Idaho

Approximately 30 year old engine is still in the original shipping crate. Pricing will be decided by interested parties bids, as we’re not familiar with how to establish a fair price. Condition is great, it’s brand new!! It’s always been stored inside a dry building. The Verieze home build project was interrupted because of sickness, death. Uni...