AFTT: 4467

Exterior Base: Black. Exterior Trim: White. (Note: C-Numbers and Logo are Decals). Interior: Blue Velour. Cabin Heater Defogger. Fire Extinguisher with Pocket. Vertical Card Compass. Artificial Horizon. Slip-Skid Indicator. Directional Gyro. Dual King KY197A Coms. Dual King KT76 Transponders. Mounted Garmin 696 GPS. ELT. 2 David Cl...

For Sale

2005 LANCAIR 320

Lompoc, CA

AFTT: 100

190-200kts cruise. 100AFTT. 100 Hours TT on factory new O-320. High compression pistons, lycon ported cylinders. Koni shocks. Nice interior, IFR panel. A&P owned. Located Lompoc, CA KLPC.

For Sale

1969 CESSNA 172K

Port Orange, Florida

AFTT: 3046

SMOH: 495

1969 Cessna 172K for sale! 3,046hrs TT airframe and 495hrs SMOH at Mattituck to new part limits. This aircraft has spent its whole life in NY, and has only been in FL for the past 6 months. Collins audio panel, dual K155 NAV/COM, Bendix King mode C transponder. Not ADSB compliant. New mags in 2020, all compressions 76+ Complete logs, 9/2021 annual....

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1973 BEECHCRAFT 58 Baron

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

AFTT: 11,658

SMOH: 1138

SMOH(2): 1138

Airframe: 11,658 SNEW Engines: 1138 SMOH - Continental IO-550-C (09/17) Propellers: 1021 SPOH - Hartzell HC-C4YF-2E (01/18) Max Gross Takeoff Weight: 5400 lbs Basic Empty Weight: 3807 lbs Useful Load: 1593 lbs Usable Fuel Capacity: 166 gallons Empty CG: 76.10 inches General: Aircraft hangared at KMYR in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Alw...

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1980 PIPER PA-32R Saratoga

Charleston, South Carolina

AFTT: 5108

SMOH: 434

Airframe: 5108 SNEW Engine: 434 SMOH - Lycoming IO-540-K1G5D (9/13) Propeller: 2 SPOH - Hartzell HC-C2YK-18F (12/21) Max Gross Takeoff Weight: 3600 lbs Basic Empty Weight: 2219 lbs Useful Load: 1381 lbs Usable Fuel Capacity: 102 gallons Empty CG: 83.90 inches General: Aircraft tied-down at KCHS in Charleston, South Carolina Always US-...

For Sale

2003 ZENITH Alarus CH 2000

Cameron Park, California

AFTT: 4221

SMOH: 1833

Great economical IFR trainer and time builder! Fresh IFR inspections and annual in Jan 2022. Similar to a Cessna 152, but much friendlier in comfort. 5.2 gph @ 100 knot cruise. Total Time: 4,221 Engine Time: 1,833 SMOH Lycoming O-235 2400TBO. Compressions all in the 70s. Useful Load: 585 lbs Avionics: Garmin 430 King KX 155 digital flip/flop...

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1978 PIPER PA32 RT Turbo Lance

Placerville, CA

AFTT: 2950

SMOH: 1330

Airframe Time: 2950 Hours Total Time Engine Time: 1330 Hours SMOH on TSIO-540. (300 HP Lycoming, 2000 Hour TBO.) Prop Time: 250 SPOH, on Hartzell three blade. Annual Due: April 2023 Useful Load: 1260 Lbs Avionics: King KMA 24 Audio panel with 3LMB Garmin GX50 GPS King KX 155 digital flip/flop 760 channel nav/com King KI 209 glide slope/...

For Sale

1961 BEECHCRAFT 33 Debonair

Placerville, CA

AFTT: 4998

SMOH: 10

Total Time: 4998 Total Time Engine Time: 10 Hours SMOH on 260 HP IO-470N (2022) Propeller Time: 10 SPOH on Two blade. Annual Due: March 2023 Useful Load: 1050 lbs Avionics: King KA 134 Audio panel Narco MK 12D Digital flip flop 760 channal Nav/Com Narco Glide slop/VOR/Localizer inicator EDM 700 multifunction graphic engine analyser Kin...

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1978 CESSNA 182 RG Skylane

Placerville, CA

AFTT: 5173

SMOH: 1042

Airframe Time: 5173 Hours Total Time Engine Time: 1042 Hours SMOH on O-540, 235 HP Lycoming with 2000 Hour TBO. Prop Time: 220 SPOH, on McCauley two blade. Annual Due: August 2022 Useful Load: 1130 Lbs Avionics: Garmin GMA 340 Audio panel with 3LMB and intercom Garmin GNS 750 color moving map IFR GPS/Com with Traffic Garmin G5 Electronic...

For Sale

1974 GRUMMAN Yankee AA1B 180 HP

Placerville, CA

AFTT: 2950

SMOH: 844

Serial Number: 0362 Total Time: 2950 Total Time Engine Time: 844 Hours SFREM on 0-360-A1A Lycoming 180 HP (1995) Annual Due: May 2023 Useful Load: 435 lbs Avionics: Narco CP125A Audio panel with 3LMB Apollo II Morrow GPS King KX 155 digital flip/flop 760 channel Nav/Com King KI 209 Glide slope/VOR/Localizer indicator King KN 64 Digital...

For Sale

1944 WARBIRD A26 Invader/OnMark

Nashville, Michigan

Douglas A-26 On Mark Invader project. Aircraft was undergoing a decade long award winning restoration before we acquired her. The fuselage was taken down to bare bones & all corrosion was removed. The upgraded OnMark Ring spar was removed & reworked. The new skins are currently drilled out & awaiting installation. I have received estimates around...

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Block Island, Rhode Island

AFTT: 7074

SMOH: 1525

N664DM Serial Number D-8721 Price: $99,000 USD Airframe: 7074 SNEW Engine: 1525 SFRM - Continental IO-550-B4F, BDS STC (2/1994) Propeller: 438 SPOH - McCauley D3A32C409-C (3/2010) Max Gross Takeoff Weight: 3400 lbs Basic Empty Weight: 2345 lbs Useful Load: 1055 lbs Usable Fuel Capacity: 110 gallons Empty CG: 80.96 inches Genera...

- $20,000 (with exchange blade root, without add $1,750). - PN C017-6, SN 9307. - Removed from R44 with older debonded (other) MRB. - MRB has flown 1230.8 since new. Spindle has flown 1283.48 since new. - MRB installed new in...

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1958 PIPER PA-24-250

Jacksonville, FL

AFTT: 3575

SMOH: 10

N5456P-Location KHEG Airframe Details: 1959 Piper Comanche PA-24-250 Serial # 24-512 1959 Total Time Approx. 3575.2 hours Complete and All Log Books Available Annual and AD’s Completed 02/08/2022 Engine Details: Lycoming 0540-A105 Engine SMOH: 12 Hours Overhaul Date 01/2022 Pinnacle Aircraft Engines 3 Year Warranty New Superior...



Available March, 2023. Configuration open until October 7, 2022. NOTE: This helicopter is available for sale only to US based buyers.

For Sale

STEEN Skybolt

Hayden, ID

Flashy, eye-catching, aerobatic biplane, 1993 Steen Skybolt, clipped wing, custom built 315 hp Lycoming AEIO 540, 327 hours TT, 0 since bottom overhaul, new MT composite 3 blade prop, new slick mags, inverted Christen oil system, dual oil coolers, custom high flow exhaust. Excellent workmanship and quality. $79,000, offers considered. Based out of...

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2009 VANS RV-6

Calgary, AB

AFTT: 1255

SMOH: 1255

Airframe: 1254.6 hrs TTSNEW (flown regularly) Engine: 1254.6 hrs TSNEW Aero Sport Power O-360-A2A (180hp, 2000hr TBO) Compressions at last annual: 76 / 75 / 75 / 76 New from Aero Sport Power, July 2007 Propeller: 756.1 hrs Sensenich 2 Blade New from Sensenich, August 2017 Annual: Completed March 2022 Useful Load: 543 lbs Damage Histo...

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1979 MOONEY M20K 231 Turbo

North Las Vegas, NV

AFTT: 3508.7

SMOH: 1,444.5

This 1979 Mooney M20K 231 features a Continental TSIO-360-GB engine converted to GBCLB, 6-cyc, fuel injected, turbo charged with an intercooler & GAMIjectors, 210 HP, with a MT Propeller MTV-12-D, CS, variable pitch, 3-bladed propeller with synthetic bonded scimitar blades, blended aluminum leading edges, with a painted spinner. 159.4 PTSN, install...

For Sale

1940 MOONEY Culver Cadet

Los Angeles, CA

AFTT: 2320

1940 Culver Cadet for sale Serial #112 Airframe ONLY Los Angeles California Airframe TT 2320 completely rebuilt +/- 25 years ago At rebuild it was outfitted with a Continental C-90 but engine has been removed Propeller available for $2500 Custom fiberglass cowl (cost $3K 20+ yrs ago) Airframe and Engine mount complete Paint on the wings needs r...

For Sale

1944 BOEING Stearman

Wichita Falls, TX

AFTT: 7088

SMOH: 182

Beautiful 1944 PT-13. SN42-17469. 182 Hours since Harry Stenger Restoration in 2007. TTAF:7088. Sanders AirMotive Lycoming R680-17 225hp TSMOH:183. MacCauley Prop:25 hrs since AD. Jasco Alternator. New Concord battery. E80 Starter. Hooker Harnesses. Redline brakes. Solid TW. New Rare Aircraft Main Gear Seals. Garmin 430 Comm/GPS. Deep baggage. Full...